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Custom Duffel Sports Bag Printing

Aug 15

Tips on How to Customise Duffel Sports Bag

Once you've realized the possibilities of a custom duffel sports bag you're ready to come up with your own ideas. Below are five helpful ideas for those looking to present duffel bags for gifts.

Making Large Bags with lots of pockets

The most common sports bag measures 17 inches in width as well as 10 inches in depth. It's perfect for a commercial aircraft and ample enough to accommodate many things. But , if you're going to do it, make sure to find a bag that offers the largest amount of space inside, such as this Detroit Sports Bag Extra Large. It's got that there are some compartments on the inside as well as lots of compartments and pockets on the outside, and on every side.

Picking the Handles and/or Straps

The proper straps and handles are vital for the duffel bag. In the end, the purchaser is not always carrying it around in their arms. Sometime, they'll prefer to carry it on their shoulders, and in order to make the carry easy the straps and handles should be padded with cushioning that is soft and durable like the ones we have in our Calgary Sport Holdalls. Additionally, you should consider whether you can offer them bags that combine straps and handles.

These are just a few of the choices for duffel bags, with handle straps as well as handles.

  • Straps for the crossbody
  • Shoulder straps
  • Grab handles
  • Straps for backpacks
  • Pull handles
  • Velcro handles
  • Rounded handles

Going for a Stylish Look

Some bags are fashionable with a retro like debonair style such as the Milan executive travel Duffel Bags. Other bags are more sporty and are designed to encourage active lifestyles like the Madison Stripe Fitness Duffel Bags. There are models better suited to travel than others, with space to spare. Then there are models which look professional, similar to the kind of thing you'd bring to work.

To pick the right style, you must follow the tone you would like your brand to convey. Also, keep your field of choice in your mind and offer business-appropriate gifts.

Colour Choices

In regards to the colorus, think about the color of the bag itself needs to be distinct than the color that the ink is. To ensure that you can personalize your duffel bags by using one of these methods:

  • Screen printing (a single shade of ink, and the bag already in corporate colors)
  • Dye Sublimation (multiple ink shades to give full-color experience)
  • The embroidery (threads and stitching, not ink)
  • Debossing (an indented logo directly into the fabric in the bags).

Print a Design That's Memorable

This is perhaps the most crucial, since your design will determine what makes an impression on your buyer. So, what is the most important element of your duffel bag style? Take a look at one of these:

  • A person's name
  • Monograms
  • Your name is the title of your business or your organization
  • The logo of the company
  • A combination of text and the logo of the company
  • The company mascot
  • The slogan of the company
  • An inspiring message, paired with the name of the company or logo

Other Useful Considerations When Customising Sports Bags

Mesh Pockets

Mesh pockets are great to carry wallets, drinks and other small things. They're translucent, so you'll always know the contents you've tucked away. They're also elastic and flexible enough to allow larger items to fit in without difficulties.


Zippers or Buckles

Duffel bags can be closed and opened with different methods. Some use zippers, whereas others use buckles. Most often, you'll see some of them with both. When it comes to what's best to promote your duffel bag bags, it truly is dependent on the industry that you're part of as well as the requirements of your clients.


Polyester and nylon work well when you are looking to reduce costs while still give your buyers something that is serviceable. However, anything that is more professional than that will require top-quality materials. Make sure to choose canvas and leather. They're durable elegant, fashionable, and superior to polyester and nylon.

Water Resistance

Vinyl and Neoprene are two other options you could consider as they are both water-resistant. Water-resistant bags for duffel bags are crucial if you have clients who often hike or visit areas that are humid (e.g. swimming pools, fishing ponds ocean resorts, rivers and more. ).

Eco-Friendly Options

Customers appreciate brands that are green, and you'll need to include two additional items in your arsenal of duffel bags natural cotton as well as linen. If you can purchase bags made from recycled materials, like the natural jute duffel bag from Acorn This is a great benefit.

Branded Bags

A variety of companies provide custom sports bags, which means every brand loyal customer can pair their outfits with their bags. If you like dressing in Nike briefs or Nike sneakers don't be shy to carry them around in the Nike bag.

Low Minimum

The term "low minimum" is a reference to a smaller quantity of promotional items you can purchase at an affordable cost. That is you don't have to buy 220 duffel bags if you plan to distribute them to your employees as gifts for the holidays. your employees. A small quantity of 100 or smaller is sufficient. It will save you money and allows you to give an appreciation token to your employees.


Customising Duffel Bags: Final Thoughts

Duffel bags are extremely practical in the main because they have the durability of the custom trolley and the lightweight weight of the custom back pack. They are ideal corporate gifts and promotional products. If you design them correctly, they'll bring you plenty of new customers as well as returning ones.