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How To Become A Successful Businessman

Nov 17

Here are 8 ways to become a successful entrepreneur. Read them, follow them and you will be the next millionaire overnight! (Or perhaps not overnight but sooner than later.)

This guide has been written for those who want to start their online business. So everyone could benefit from it no matter what type of products he sells or how much money he earns right now. If any part of this text sounds complicated – skip it, go further and come back to it later when you feel like there is something more to learn here. Even though I'm writing this guide with a particular product in my mind (namely digital goods), all these pieces of advice work for any other product as well! Not only for physical ones but also web-based services.


1. Pick a profitable niche to sell in

2. Create a product that solves your customers' problems

3. Optimize your sales funnel

4. Promote your business the right way

5. Provide excellent customer support

6. Invest back into your business

7. Track and learn from data you get from your customers, Google Analytics, and split testing tools like Optimizely or VWO

8. Be persistent even when there is no obvious progress! You will make it! Step by step you will get closer to success with every single day passed while working on your startup! It might not happen within an hour but it WILL happen if you keep going this way without quitting too early! Just like with every other project: Rome wasn't built in a day and it wasn't built during one night either.

To be an entrepreneur you need to run your own business and as you probably know already there are two ways of doing this: somebody can start their online business by creating an e-commerce site or he creates a blog and monetizes it later with affiliate products or advertisements, depending on the subject. And those are the only possibilities nowadays because people don't buy things offline anymore – at least not physical products. Almost everything is done over the web these days which means that people use search engines like Google to find what they want – information about it or – even better – the product itself.

It is easy to start an online business by creating your own blog nowadays because you can buy cheap web hosting for less than $5 per month and WordPress needs just 20 minutes to install it on your server. Basically, there are two big content types in general search results: blogs, which are ranked very high in Google organic rankings, and online shops that sell products. The difference between them is that one of these content types allows anybody with certain skills to rank well in Google's search results while the other requires somebody who has enough money to invest into advertisements even before he starts running his own e-commerce site or affiliate offers (if he decides to use another way of monetizing his blog instead).